Stu Baker


About Stu:

University of Alberta 1987

BA Psychology

Alberta College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2005

Internship University of Beijing 2005

Practice in Puerto Vallarta 2006 – 2012

Practice in Edmonton Canada 2012- 2016

Practice in Puerto Vallarta 2019 – Present

Sustainable and resilient health requires an all encompassing approach which includes both Western and Holistic disciplines. Each individual is different, so we must treat the whole person not just the disease. We must promote health and support the unique solutions that each person needs to grow and thrive.

I support positive change in those who seek balance and a better life. I engage my clients in a partnership of healing.

My goals for each client is optimal health. We strive for the balance of the physical, the mental and the spiritual well-being.

I promote a healthy lifestyle rather than just treating symptoms.

I try to empower the individual to use their own innate powers of healing and well-being.

The Patient Doctor dynamic is crucial. I listen and learn from my client as well as talk and teach. It is crucial that we have a connection of trust and respect that will ultimately lead to a better life.