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14 Jul

4 Paradisiacal Beaches to Visit During Your Stay at Equilibrium

By staying at Equilibrium you can immerse yourself in the tranquility offered by the abundant nature surrounding our intimate resort, enjoying incredible spa therapies, relaxing in the sauna, refreshing yourself at the black stone pool and savor the delicious vegan food prepared mostly with ingredients grown in our organic garden. That being said, if you […]

23 Jun

What Is a “Flexitarian” Diet and Why Is It The First Step To a Healthier Life?

You probably already know someone who, for any reason, quitted consuming meat and today is passionate activist. However, changing our eating habits is not a simple thing that happens from day to night, nor should it be. Each person brings their cultural and social luggage, and it is very important to accomodate the food diet […]

4 Jun

4 Benefits of Gardening at Home

Having a garden is very important and brings us numerous benefits. Many people associate the idea of ​​a vegetable garden with a large plot of land or field, but in a small space, be it a patio or balcony, wonders can be reaped. Let’s not let the convenience of buying in the supermarket omit the […]

16 Apr

Pachakutec – Time Of The Great Change

According to the infinite wisdom of the ancient civilization Inca, this is the time humanity is experiencing the Great Change or Pachakutec. After 26,000 years, this earth cycle comes to and end; Mother Earth and her children are entering a New Era. And as in any transition and transformation, the process is painful. For some […]