Hosting a retreat at Equilibrium

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Equilibrium Retreat offers Retreat Planners complimentary promotion of their retreat on our website’s “The Retreats” section.
We also include links to your own personal or professional website and can include other forms of promotion in our blog,
such as interviews or articles promoting your retreat.
Retreat Planners are at all times fully responsible for the successful marketing of their retreats. Here are a few tips:

  • Hold informational meetings with students, offer early-bird discounts or deferred payment plans:
  • Equilibrium management can participate into those meetings through Skype hosted video conference to answer FAQ’s.
    Post the retreat details on teacher’s studio website with link to Equilibrium Website (required).
  • Print flyers and posters.
  • Include reminders for retreat registrations after each class.
  • Social Media advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).
    Equilibrium Management will follow-up with group leader every other month
    to know about registrations and to offer support and consultation on Marketing.

Still hesitating? Come live the Equilibrium Experience and stay with us at a special 50% Retreat Planner discount.
Please see the conditions in the group contract.



Group Booking Conditions


With our Gazebo Yoga Shala, Equilibrium is fully equipped to host a group of up to 16 guests plus 2 instructors. Any group retreat planner must reserve a minimum of 4 rooms with a mix of room that suits the needs or
interest of your audience, based on availability.


Group Leaders Benefits


Group leaders that bring a minimum of 8 paying participants receive a free retreat length stay in one of our Casitas for 2 guests.

Method For Reservations: Equilibrium Takes Reservations
In order to assist the retreat planner as much as possible, Equilibrium offers assistance in the reservations process for your retreat.
Which includes:
Collecting payments for lodging, Kriya Center treatments and other activities offered by Equilibrum.


Answering guest’s FAQs


Arranging transportation for guests (If included in their retreat)
Please note Equilibrium does not retain any amount in order to provide this professional service and will not collect any additional payments other than the amount owed by the guest for the retreat and services. Payment for the services of the retreat planner should be made directly to them.


All monies received from the Retreat Planner are non-refundable.
In the event of a cancellation made 90 or more days prior to scheduled arrival date, they will be credited, minus a 20 % administrative fee, to the Retreat Planner’s account. The credit can be used in Equilibrium Healing Resort Retreat and expires within a 12 month period.
No credit is available if the Retreat Planner cancels less than 90 days in advance,
or if any group member does not show up, or leaves early for any reason.

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