Heal your inner teenager

Heal your inner teenager

Heal your inner teenager with Anan Nodedt

Make sure you attend our retreat on Dec 6-8, 2019.


Many of us have grown up in families where talking about sex was a big taboo, touching our genitals was frowned upon, we rarely saw mom and dad naked, some of us have been abused by neighbors or relatives and religions have taught us that it is bad to feel pleasure.

All this has caused us to live with a great sense of guilt and have us begin to live our adolescence feeling that sex is bad, dirty, sinful. All these beliefs rooted in our unconscious give rise to a division between our body and our mind and the whole torrent hormone that is flowing naturally from our genitals to our heart, is blocked. By suppressing all this energy, our ability to love and feel pleasure in life; consequently, there is currently a large number of people with dysfunctions, more and more serious sexual problems such as impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity, inability to relax in the sexual act, difficulties to have orgasms.

By exploring the conditioning and traumas related to our sexual energy, a flow of healing energy begins to be released.
Love and sensitivity and a new perception of pleasure arises in us, allowing us to begin to relate to our bodily sensations and our lovers in a deeper way, finding again the pleasure of physical contact and the exchange of energy with others discovering that we can relax by playing with sexual energy without a goal.


• It helps to balance the feminine and masculine internal energies.
• Heal wounds related to adolescence.
• Return to the chackras their natural qualities.
• Start the path of being creative and spontaneous.
• Learn to take meditation to our sexual relationships.
• Release muscular tensions to allow a new flow of vital energy.
• Rediscover the natural sensuality of our senses.
• Start the path to a full life.
• By healing our sexual energy, it becomes a passion for life and courage to make new decisions.

About the Yoga teacher


“When you are asleep, life is synonymous with suffering; when you wake up, life becomes synonymous with joy “
Anan Nodedt


From an event he called “My spiritual awakening”, Anan initiated a
journey of self-discovery that led him to become a contemporary mystic who has managed to adapt the ancestral knowledge of the cultures of Latin America to transpersonal psychology, creating a style of very deep therapeutic, meditative and spiritual work called
“The Path of the Inner Warrior”, which guides in several Spanish-speaking countries; designed to solve, understand and integrate the different stages of consciousness of the life of the human being: childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

To date he has given more than 1500 lectures addressing topics such as health, Ecology, drug addiction, sexuality, meditation, among others.

All of Anan’s work is dedicated to providing tools so that people can discover their original face and self-realize as beings human beings, by unlocking the potential they carry inside.

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