Yoga & Life Science Retreat

YOGA & LIFE SCIENCE RETREAT with Nathalie Keiller

Make sure you attend our retreat on March 11-15 , 2020.

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Learn to build healthy habits for your unique body and mind, understanding the qualities and postures to favour in your yoga practice, getting the benefits of different breathing exercises, as well as diving into natural and effortless meditation.

The whole day on Thursday, March 12, will be dedicated to the basics of Ayurveda: nature’s cycles, doshas, food and diet. From Friday to Sunday we will put into practice different exercises, yoga for your constitution, pranayama and meditation. You’ll have lots of opportunity to relax, recharge, learn and apply the techniques.

During this workshop you will learn about your self – your unique body and mind. First we will dive into some basics of Ayurveda in order for you to discover which tastes and which foods suit you best. Then, we will explore and integrate other strategies like yoga, pranayama and meditation, to help you maintain balance throughout the seasons and other cycles of your life. Ayurveda is a medical treatise on the art of healing and prolonging life. This workshop aims in bringing you new skills and habits for a healthy mind in a healthy body.

This retreat will be hosted by Equilibrium, an intimate healing resort nestled in the peaceful Sierra Madre mountains, one hour south of Puerto Vallarta. Our focus is on life changing experiences, based on sensory stimulation in nature.

During your retreat, you will nurture your palate with exciting and vegan gourmet food while enchanting your senses through the soothing properties of the jungle.

We see our digital free environment as an opportunity for you to reduce stress and FOCUS on the present moment. Therefore, your accommodations are free of electricity and designed for lush comfort immersed in nature.


WEDNESDAY 15:00 Check in / 19:00 Dinner

THURSDAY 7:00 Tea, coffee, fruits / 8:00 Gentle movements, pranayama and meditation / 9:30  Breakfast / 11:00 Philosophy, Cycles, Constitutions & Ayurvedic Diet / 14:00 Lunch / 16:30 Strategies and Optimal Lifestyle for each dosha: Vata, Pita and Kapha / 19:00 Dinner

FRIDAY 7:00 Tea, coffee, fruits / 8:00 Gentle movements, pranayama and meditation / 9:30 Breakfast / 14:00 Lunch / 16:30  Gentle yoga practice & meditation / 19:00 Dinner

SATURDAY 7:00 Tea, coffee, fruits / 8:00 Grounding yoga practice for Vata dosha / 9:30 Breakfast / 11:00 Introduction to Meditation / 14:00 Lunch / 16:30 Pranayama / 17:30 Gentle yoga practice / 19:00 Dinner

SUNDAY 7:00 Tea, coffee, fruits / 8:00 Yoga practice for Pitta dosha and the spine / 9:30 Breakfast / 11:00 Yin Yoga Practice / 14:00 Lunch / 16:30 Pranayama, Meditation & Conclusion


Introduced to yoga during a 9-month sojourn in Costa Rica in 1990, Nathalie experienced a deep connection with the Earth, the planet as well as the subtle elements. She then started to listen, follow her heart, and explore her talents learning Spanish and discovering Hatha Yoga.

Certified as Yoga Teacher in 1999*, Deep Meditation Instructor in 2005, and Ayurvedic Consultant in 2013, Nathalie has more than 25 years of integrating all these principles into her life, with great results. Sharing this holistic knowledge with others, helping them to achieve better health and improved quality of life is her everyday passion.


Choose from shared or private accommodation in one of our ecologic Casitas.

Rooms starting at U$390 per person, per retreat.

Includes: 4 nights at the beautiful Equilibrium Healing Resort. 3 daily delicious vegan meals. Coffee and tea. Meditation, breathing, yoga & Ayurveda workshops.

Optional: Roundtrip Airport Transportation & Spa Treatments.

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