Lotus Flower Retreat

Lotus Flower Retreat


Make sure you attend our retreat on January 17-19 , 2019.

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By doing this, we connect with our inner voice and begin to listen to the true needs of our body. Sometimes, you have to go through layers of beliefs and limitations to reach a space of honesty and truth with yourself, so this workshop is a journey of re-encounter with the Truth that resides within you and your heart.

Making this journey to the heart requires courage, enthusiasm and dedication, because sometimes it is necessary to break through layers of pain and dissolve our armors; however, the reward is lightness, peace, relaxation, authenticity, freedom, and strength to start walking towards what your heart truly yearns for.

This workshop is an opportunity to connect with our body and emotions to heal and live life in a more loving, integrated and in touch with our heart; to take time for you, be in the nutritional company of other women, and to know and explore aspects of the nature of the essence of the feminine that pulsates within every woman.


To support your deepest well-being, we ask all participants to refrain from consuming alcohol and drugs at the retreat.



– 2 nights at the beautiful Equilibrium Healing Resort
– Coffee and tea
– 3 daily delicious vegan meals
– Meditation, tantra, breathing and dance workshops
– The opportunity to BE!


– Round transport between
Airport and Equilibrium Retreat.
– SPA treatments (massages, steam bath, etc.)

About The Yoga Teacher


“The longing to be you requires that you allow yourself to surrender and be with what is. To let go of the constant struggle between your mind and your body and open to the gift of being you at every moment, without changing anything at all. It is only in this surrender that you can embrace all that you are, and flourish.“

Leiza Lau

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