Attend our retreat: October 16th to 20th 2019.

About Plant Based Nutrition Retreat

Retreat for conscious and sustainable life. This vegan retreat offers theoretical and practical knowledge
about nutrition, culinary practices, as well as being able to enjoy the tranquility of the jungle, yoga and therapies.
“Eating vegan and nutritious does not have to be boring and you do not have to give up your favorite dishes
or their flavor” Denise Ayon – Executive Vegan Chef of Equilibrium Healing Resort.


-The foundations to start a healthier diet and a more conscious lifestyle
– To design balanced menus in terms of nutrition, combinations, taste and
– The knowledge of the nutrients and properties of food
– The preparation of substitutes for ingredients of animal
origin and implementation of them in your favorite recipes
– The basic techniques of healthy gourmet cooking
– How to expand your collection of nutritious ingredients


– List of contents, virtual and printed recipe book
– Cap and apron
– Materials for the class
– Printed diploma of participation


– Healthier lifestyle, prevent and reversing disease
– Environmental measures, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, emissions
of methane gas produced by animals, fossil fuel consumption, global water
use of the meat industry and use of the land surface for livestock
– To the animals, reducing the suffering of animals destined for human
consumption, which are abused, mistreated, sick and their lives are a torment


During your retreat, you will nurture your palate
with exciting and clean gourmet food while enchanting
your senses through the soothing properties of the jungle.

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