Retreat: The Magic of Being Present.


Assist to our retreat from  11-14 June 2020.

+ From USA: +(1) 707 260 2110

We are living the beginning of the era of Aquarium, the alignment of the planets is different. Today more than ever we have the possibility of accessing our true divine nature and being happy (leave our own personal drama) and really transform life. 

The tools to achieve this state are available within ourselves! Some of this tools are Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Service to Others.

In this retreat we will learn techniques of simple yoga and meditation that will make a difference in the way we live our life. 

During the retreat, we will do a job of purification, healing and deep renewal. Also, we will make our own vision map and projection.

This retreat is an opportunity for do a digital detox and silence for a full day. 

All people of all ages and physical conditions can participate. No previous experience in yoga is required.

Retreat Schedule:

THURSDAY 15:00 Check in / 18:30 Introduction to the retreat and presentation of the group 19:15 Yoga for profound sleep / 19:45 Dinner

FRIDAY 7:30 Yoga for recovering energy / 9:00 Breakfast / 11:00 What prevent us for being present? / 13:30 Lunch in silence & silence for the rest of the day / 15:30 Transforming the patterns and the negative mind. Talk and practice of Kundalini Yoga / 19:00 Dinner

SATURDAY 7:30 Kundalini Yoga for the balance of spiritual bodies / 9:00 Breakfast / 11:00 Creating your vision map /13:30 Lunch in silence & silence for the rest of the day / 16:00 Temazcal (extra option) /  19:00 Dinner

SUNDAY 7:30 Kundalini yoga for inner beauty / 9:00 Breakfast / 10:30 Meditation for prosperity and closure of course / 12:00 Check out

About Ana Paula Dominguez:

Ana Paula Dominguez is the founder and director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga and one of the most important promoters of wellness and yoga in Mexico. She is the producer of the “Conferencia Mexicana de yoga/ Mexican Yoga Conference (Encuentro Nacional de Yoga/National Yoga Meeting) which will celebrate its 16th anniversary. She has practiced yoga since she was 7 years old and currently continues to teach Ayurveda, Meditation, Kundalini and Hatha yoga.

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