Ecological Paradise

Balanced Living Within Nature


Minimal impact of the natural surroundings was the main focus when developing the unique architecture of Equilibrium.

All the common areas and casitas were designed to create a comfortable immersion in nature with the smallest ecological footprint.

Digital Detox


An environment purposely created for our guests to have a real opportunity to disconnect and to detox from all digital influence.

Due to our location, we are free of cellphone signal, electricital power and Wi-Fi in our casitas  or the resort in its entirety.

While this may be challenging for some, we encourage you to live the experience and reap the benefits of detoxing digitally.

The Road To Equilibrium


We arrange transportation for our guests from and/or to PVR airport. We can also arrange transportation for guests

staying in Puerto Vallarta before or after your retreat at Equilibrium at our meeting point.

Arranging your own transportation or driving to Equilibrium is also a possibility.

Please take a look at our location or contact us to arrange additional details for your arrival.