3 nights - From Chaos to Calm

October 1 to October 4

3 nights / 4 days event

This is the first of a series of 3 retreats where tuned to the energy of Autumn (VATA), we will learn how to move from chaos to calm.
In the fall, the tendency to accumulate all the elements of space and ether tends to worsen and we may manifest symptoms such as dry skin, insomnia, worry, anxiety or fear.

In this retreat, we will learn how to move from chaos to calm, using tools such as:
* Nourishing food to help you keep your feet on the ground (rooting)
* Daily routine and lifestyle
* Aromatherapy
* Yoga postures to calm us down.
* Organizational strategies in your life and productivity
* Stop postponing, and a method to organize your short-term goals.

This retreat is an opportunity to make a Digital Detox and practice silence for a full day.
People of all ages and physical conditions are welcome to participate.
No previous experience in yoga is required.

6 nights - Sacred Healing Circle: Full Integration in Mind, Body & Spirit


6 nights / 7 days event

This seven-day retreat will explore the hidden traumas and chronic stress accumulated in all layers of the body. Identifying and releasing these traumas and stressors is the beginning of the healing journey. Your facilitator will guide you through this process in a group setting.

Together we will explore somatic experiencing trauma/stress releasing activities, we will learn to face the shadow, heal the inner child, and befriend and accept the true self.